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Dog Grooming

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Pamper your pup with our full-service grooming spa! Our professional groomers offer an array of grooming options and styles from your standard bath to a well-defined haircut. Drop your pup(s) off and go enjoy your day knowing your dog gets to play in the spa room or relax on a cozy leather couch while they wait their turn to be groomed. Clients have the choice of having their pets roam free and play in a cage-less environment, or relax in a suite for the dogs that may be too shy to socialize. All spa dogs will also be able to go outside for regular potty breaks while they wait their turn to be groomed and will have water available at all times.

We offer a selection of quality shampoos and conditioners available for every breed’s coat and skin. We demand the highest quality; our dogs will be blow dried by hand, which gives their fur a soft, fluffy finish before our skilled groomers perform the finishing touches.

Bath and Brush

Includes a bath with our deep cleaning Hydrosurge system, blow dry by hand for a fluffy finish, brush out, ear cleaning, toe nail trim, and trimming of the paw pads/feet, sanitary areas, and face (if applicaple.) Bath and Brush service also includes ear plucking and/or anal gland expression upon request.


Includes everything the bath and brush service includes as listed above, but also includes a full body haircut to your specification,

Furminator (De-Shed Treatment)

Furminator treatments can be added to a bath and brush or haircut service for short and long haired breeds for an additional fee to help minimize shedding. Clients that use the De-Shedding treatment on a regular basis will experience less shedding at home, but unfortunately there is no way to elimate shedding completely. This treatment will reduce shedding, as well as promote healthy skin and coat. The unique blends of natural ingredients will leave your dog clean, silky, and moisturized!

Please call or email us to schedule your dog’s spa day!

You may contact our groomers directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See requirements for grooming.


All grooming prices are based on dog breed and coat condition. Please call, email, or stop by for a quote.

A La Carte

  • Nail Trimming - $15 (included in groom price)
  • Nail File - $20, Added on to a groom service is $10
  • Brush-Out Only - $20 per hour (bathing not included, strictly brush-out intended for maintence purposes)
  • Furminator/De-Shed Treatment - Small Dog: $12 added to groom price; Medium/Large Dog: $22 added to groom price
  • Ear Cleaning - $15 (included in groom price)
  • Anal Glands - $20 (included in groom price upon request)
  • Face Trim - $15
  • Feet Trim - $15 (includes paw pad trimming, does not include toe nail trimming)
  • Butt Trim - $15 (does include sanitary trim unless requested)

Our Services

  • Boarding


    Our luxury suites were created to reflect a cozy home-like environment. With our all-inclusive boarding, your pet will be able to “play all day and dream all night.

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  • Daycare


    Drop your pets off for fun filled days of socializing with other dogs, interacting with our awesome caring staff, exercising, and burning off their pent-up puppy energy.

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  • Grooming


    Pamper your pup with our full-service grooming spa. Our professional groomers offer an array of grooming options and styles from your standard bath to a well-defined haircut.

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  • Retail


    We know that your dog is important to you and that is why we provide premier quality products that keep your dog happy and healthy.

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  • Training


    In partnership with D.O.G. Obedience Group, our Play and Train program is tailored for those with a busy schedule and limited time to attend obedience classes.

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