Dog fireworks fourth of july
Dog fireworks fourth of july
Dog fireworks fourth of july

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Jun 22, 2024

BANG! BOOM! POW! Ah, the familiar sounds of explosions on the Fourth of July. While this is a celebratory holiday for most humans, it can be a stressful time for our furry friends. Here are a few safety tips to help your pup prepare and cope with the big day!

The first step in holiday preparations begins months in advance by desensitizing your dog to the loud noises. You can safely and slowly implement this by softly playing firework noises on a phone or television and rewarding your pup with a basic look-at-me and down or place command and a high value treat. As you recognize your dog listening to your commands and settling, gradually raise the volume of the firework noises. This will help your pup recognize that they are okay as the noise grows louder in a controlled way. Continue this method for a 5-10-minute session daily, if possible, for a few months prior to the Fourth!

It is a tried-and-true statement that a tired dog is a happy dog! On the morning of the holiday, get your pup moving! A long walk, lots of play, even a good daycare session will do the trick. Physical stimulation is a great way to get your pup in a more relaxed state. Don’t forget about their brains either! Mentally stimulating a dog really tires them out too. Snuffle mats, treat toys, puzzle feeders, and lick mats are all great options to get a dog’s brain firing to help them ease into a calm mindset.

Proper Identification
A very sad fact is that a scared pup will run away trying to escape what it deems to be the cause of the problem. Proper identification is a must in general, but especially if your pup is fearful or a known runner. The first thing would be putting a collar on your dog with their name, your name, and your phone number. Another great method of identification would be some type of GPS locating tag. These directly show your dog’s coordinates on your computer and/or phone. Another great way to make sure you can always locate your fur baby would be to make sure they are microchipped. Microchips are placed under the skin by your veterinarian and can be scanned when they are found, showing the owner’s information.

A Safe Place
Dogs are creatures of habit and have specific places, just like us, that make them feel most secure and safe. For most dogs this is their home and/or crate, but it could even be a bedroom, closet, or just a spot in the living room! Identify your pups favorite place(s) and make them extra cozy. Soft, thick blankets, comfort toys, or even those lick mats we mentioned earlier would make wonderful additions to your pups safe spot.

Calming Supplements
In many cases, dogs need a little help relaxing. Some great supplemental remedies would be CBD infused products, such as peanut butter or flavored chews, chamomile, or ashwagandha. If calming supplements don’t seem to be doing the trick, talk to your veterinarian about other medications that may help calm your nervous canine!

Extra Tips

  • Keep your pup leashed! It is important to keep your dog leashed when walking them outside during and around the Fourth of July. This helps prevent them from being able to run off.

  • Blocking out the noise with a white noise machine, soft music, or even their favorite tv show is a great way to help tune out the bangs and booms while home!

  • If you have a pup that is anxious, keeping a close eye on them and keeping them indoors is a must.

  • If you choose to have your pups outside during the Fourth, keeping them away from the fireworks is a must to help ward off vet visits. Fireworks and pups don’t mix!

Fourth of July is a fun holiday and keeping your pups safe, happy, and healthy makes it even better. Check out our retail area and ask our trained staff about some helpful supplements, treats, and methods to help ensure a wonderful holiday. 

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